Scientific research translated into everyday life.
A metronome designed to focus on what really matters – making music.

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Inventing new and innovative products is the linchpin of industrial design. But you don't always start from scratch, that was the case with Beathoven. Researchers at EPFL developed a technology that makes it possible to transform the skin into a haptic interface. But how could this technology be used meaningfully? What does such an application look like?

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With these questions as a starting point we took a closer look into different fields and found the solution in the music industry. Where music teachers used to pat their students on the shoulder, bands used to count the clock and musicians used to tap with their feet, Beathoven comes into action. Beathoven is a haptic metronome that transmits the beat via the skin without making a click noise or distracting the musicians by its movement. Along the design process Beathoven was developed in constant exchange with scientists.

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