Demands on design do not end with ageing.
No buttons, no adverse effect on private life but discretion and simple operation.

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With increasing age and/or illness, people's need for security increases. Being on their own poses a greater risk for accidents. Previous solutions were neither technically fully developed nor have they found wider acceptance among their users. In what way can we help the ageing population without stigmatising them in everyday life?

CARU is our answer to this question.

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Without having any reference objects, the difficulty in this project was to find out what such a product must be able to do and how it should be designed. The result is a simple and smart emergency system that uses various sensors to analyse users' behaviour without invading their privacy. If the smart sensor notices any discrepancies it initiates and transmits an alert to external agents. It also allows further uses such as voice control or the simplification of communication channels in old-age centres.

CARU received the Design Preis Schweiz 2019/20.

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