Colorful rooftops and vivid songs.
A home for little singers in your garden


Maison des mésanges offers a home to one of the smallest songbirds native to Switzerland. Eurasian Blue Tits are adaptive and communicative birds, that are on average 11-12 cm long. They are regular visitors to gardens uttering sounds like "tee, tee, tee" and a more direct "churr”. The Blue Tit’s large repertoire of songs may already be heard in deep winter, as it skillfully jumps from branch to branch or searches for insects upside-down.

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Maison des mésanges provides a cozy alternative to tree holes for the cavity-nesting birds, in which they can roost in harsh winters and nest in springtime. A human observer may see eyes in the small entrance’s holes – faces with pointy noses encircled by intriguing hair styles. The houses come in two different designs, which offer housing for either one or two bird families. Maison des mésanges is carefully crafted from milled spruce wood and covered with a colorful rooftop made of sheet steel.