We remembered colors...
...and pour playfully handcrafted editions of candles.

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ROMBO is driven by a desire to experiment with colors usually excluded from a technical product design palette. Pigments enriched in wax and poured by hand into a cast derived from a 3D print are now forming colorful layers stacked on top of each other. Ideas of post-modernist design, candy stores with its many tastes of sweet and play time with friends are only a few of the associations the candles might evoke. Slowly fading, layer by layer – placed in the middle of dinner conversations, on busy counters or a nightstand, accompanying a moment, leaving a hint.

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No candle is the same, each unique in their color composition and amount of layers. This way of crafting includes many waiting periods between the work steps, allowing for curiosity in the making and a joy of experimentation with colors and possibilities of combination. The small-numbered handcrafted editions can be purchased on rombo.cc.

ROMBO is a project by Studio Porto and Badesaison.

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