We fail too, but we make the best of it.
Unique surfaces created from mistakes and experiential knowledge.

20190408 STUDIO PORTO 002

Diverse textures, structures and characters fascinate us. When it comes to materials and different process engineering methods, we love to experiment. Especially in the field of 3D printing we have gathered a large pool of experience over the years and can look back on many successful projects. But also our mistakes and moments of failure are valuable in our process.

20190408 STUDIO PORTO 004

At Tassli, we have deliberately used such errors in the 3D printing process to create unique surface textures. The cup medium was also perfect for this project as it allowed us to combine 3D printing and PLA with porcelain casting and ceramics. The result is three different patterns, printed in 3D and cast in black porcelain clay.

20190408 STUDIO PORTO 001