How do you recognise a city?
By using observation as a tool of inspiration we created iconic display shelves for an iconic city.

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Sure thing, landmarks and sights are obvious. Apart from that, it quickly becomes difficult. But isn't it the small and subtle details that make the difference and give cities their uniqueness? With this in mind we started the project of designing a new product for a local design store in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver Special 5 1

During various walks through the city, excursions to the archives and the study of Vancouver's history, we came across the Vancouver Special, a type of house that was built from the early 1960s until the 1980s. It is simple in its design – two-storey and two-coloured – but also very characteristic of Vancouver. We were also inspired by Canada’s unique history in material, wood, which has been an important export commodity for Canada since the early 19th century.

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Vancouver Special 3